EmCyte Pure PRP vs ProGen Eclipse PRP

In this article we will compare the EmCyte Pure PRP system to the ProGen PRP Eclipse to see what is the difference between EmCyte PRP and ProGen PRP Eclipse.  We have covered EmCyte Pure PRP extensively in other articles.  We will summarize the findings for the ending comparison; however, if interested you can learn more here.  You can also check out the Pure PRP step by step processing guide.

Scale of justice showing the comparison of the words PURE against an Eclipse of the sun.

ProGen PRP introduction

ProGen PRP is manufactured by Crown Aesthetics known solely as Crown.  You may be familiar with the name Eclipse PRP and notice it is now appended to the end of the ProGen PRP brand.  This is because Crown acquired Eclipse and in November of 2022 rebranded their ProGen PRP Advantage into ProGen PRP Eclipse.  That said, this appears to be a name switch only to capitalize on the Eclipse brand equity, as the original Eclipse PRP kits were 11 and 22 mL, and the Advantage kits were 15 mL and 30 mL – which is the current “Eclipse” size.  Furthermore, if you watch their official processing videos the ProGen Advantage kits and the ProGen Eclipse kits appear to be the same.  From their press release they describe ProGen PRP Eclipse as “an easy-to-use one spin system that features 15 mL and 30 mL tubes, yielding 7-15 mL of Platelet Rich Plasma.”  If you’ve read our article on the differences between dual spin and single spin PRP systems, you already know where this is going.  Just by looking at the whole blood volume of the tubes and the resultant amount of PRP, mathematically speaking, you cannot have a concentration exceeding 2x.  Crown declares this fact in their processing videos that are available on YouTube.    

ProGen Kit Components

ProGen is a complete PRP kit – meaning no extra supplies are necessary.  You are supplied with various syringes, alcohol swabs, blood draw needle and PRP processing tube.  For ProGen kits the anti-coagulant is included in the tube.  Another item in the tube is a substance called a thixotropic gel.  These gels are commonly used in serum separation tubes.  At normal gravitational forces these gels are solid, as they are subjected to centrifugal forces, they liquify and move to a specific layer based on their density.  For serum separation they are engineered to place themselves at the RBC/Plasma interface.  One of the major issues with this is platelets can become enmeshed within this layer rendering them unrecoverable.  Based upon this and the fact that no PRP system captures 100% of the platelets these kits likely concentrate well below 2x.

ProGen Centrifuge and Processing Time

In their training videos they show both a Drucker centrifuge that is branded as well as an Elmi Centrifuge.  Both of which can be set to a specific RCF and time.  The spin time is 10 minutes, this is exclusive of the other processing times.  The overall processing time would then be somewhere between 15-20 minutes.  Read more about EmCyte’s Executive and Platinum Centrifuges.


  • Whole draw blood volumes available:

ProGen PRP: 15 mL and 30 mL

EmCyte Pure PRP: 20 mL, 30 mL, 60 mL, 120 mL

  • Final PRP Volumes:

ProGen PRP: 7-15 mL

EmCyte Pure PRP: 4-20 mL

  • PRP Concentrations:

ProGen PRP: ≤ 2x

EmCyte Pure PRP: 2x (single spin) 6-8x (Pure II Dual Spin)

  • Proprietary Centrifuge:

ProGen PRP: Yes

EmCyte Pure PRP: Yes

  • Total Processing Time:

ProGen PRP: 15-20 minutes

EmCyte Pure PRP: Single Spin 10-15 minutes, Dual Spin 20-25 minutes


EmCyte Pure PRP kits and ProGen Eclipse PRP kits are both FDA approved kits that are manufactured in the United States.  They are both self-contained kits, so no extra supplies are necessary to purchase to create a PRP product.  Processing times are similar; however, when strictly comparing the single spin version EmCyte offers the processing time is slightly faster.  They both require the purchase of a branded proprietary centrifuge.  The real difference is concentration.  If you are looking to create a PRP that is concentrated in the 6-8x range then EmCyte Pure PRP would be your choice.