Leukocyte-Poor vs. Leukocyte-Rich PRP – EmCyte preparation protocol

When we centrifuge blood we stratify, or separate, it into layers based upon the density of the different nucleated and non-nucleated cellular components.  Each of these blood components performs a very specific task. By separating them we can isolate them into a supraphysiologic concentration.  When we create Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) we are separating and isolating as … Read more

PRP Kits – How Do You Accurately Compare Prices?

If you are a physician looking to purchase a PRP kit, at some point – if not immediately, you are going to be considering the cost.  PRP kits can range in price anywhere from $80 – $300.  So, then it’s simple right, go find the $80 kit and call it a day.  Without thinking about … Read more

EmCyte Pure PRP vs ProGen Eclipse PRP

In this article we will compare the EmCyte Pure PRP system to the ProGen PRP Eclipse to see what is the difference between EmCyte PRP and ProGen PRP Eclipse.  We have covered EmCyte Pure PRP extensively in other articles.  We will summarize the findings for the ending comparison; however, if interested you can learn more … Read more

Single Spin PRP vs. Dual Spin PRP – A Closer Look at Preparation Methods

There are several different ways that you can concentrate platelets contained in whole blood to create Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP).  These include filtration, apheresis, selective absorption and centrifugation.  Centrifugation is by far the most popular way that physicians create PRP at the point of care.  Within the realm of centrifugation there are two methods commonly applied; those … Read more