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Industry leading EmCyte PurePRP




EmCyte PureBMC and Progenikine.  Tulip Cannulas.

Medical Surgical

Medical/Surgical Supplies


We leverage 5-Line Medical’s large volume supply business to give discount med/surg supply pricing to our regenerative medicine customers.




You may be purchasing a “Brand Name” device like EmCyte, but do you know anything about the dealer you're buying it from.

Our Students


We offer in-person product training and follow-on support. All training and in-service can be conducted in a fully virtual environment.

Our Partners

Manufacturer Partners

We partner with the top manufacturers in Regenerative medicine such as EmCyte and Tulip as well as major medical and surgical supply manufacturers to bring you the absolute best products and value.

5 Line Biologics

If you are faced with choosing between multiple distributors representing many of the same top manufacturers, then as both a consumer and a clinician, you should have two basic questions. First, can they decrease my overall costs? Second, are their standards as high as mine?

Our Approach

We understand how complex and confusing the regenerative medicine space can be.

Whether you’re brand new to Regenerative Medicine or have been here for years, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some great questions you have on your mind!

Yes. NJAC 8:21-3A is the applicable statute. You can verify a distribution business here. Our registration number is 5005403.

Yes. Under the provisions of NJSA 26:2A you will be required to obtain a blood bank license for perioperative autologous blood collection/administration. It is a fairly easy process and we are happy to help guide you through this.

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