EmCyte PRP: Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we’ve spoken with many potential PRP customers, and although they themselves are unique, the questions they ask us generally are not.  We’ve decided we would put together a post that seeks to answer physicians’ questions regarding EmCyte PRP kits.  With that, let’s jump on in.

Do I Need to Purchase Additional Supplies to Prepare EmCyte PRP?

No.  EmCyte PRP kits are completely self-contained, meaning everything that you need to make the PRP (other than the patient’s whole blood) is in the kit.  The contents of the kits are as follows:

  • IV start pack with tourniquet and 19g butterfly needle.
  • Vial of anticoagulant solution (single use).
  • Filtered needle.
  • Multiple Syringes
  • Processing Tubes

In addition, we are often asked if you should save the vial of anticoagulant.  The answer to this is also no, a new vial comes in every kit with an excess of solution for each procedure.

How Long Does the EmCyte PRP Process Take?

This question does not have a straightforward answer.  For starters there are different versions of EmCyte Centrifuges, with slightly different spin times for the first and second spins.  However, the spin times are roughly 2 minutes for the first spin and 6 minutes for the second spin regardless of centrifuge.  So, we have about 8 minutes of spinning.  Generally speaking, customers are asking how long the entire process takes.  There are a few steps to the whole process, let’s walk through them.  The first step is to prepare the blood draw syringe and draw the blood.  Depending on phlebotomy skill and experience, this step can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.  The transfer in and out of the processing tubes of blood and plasma is an additional 5 minutes and then of course the spinning times.  All in all the process can be anywhere from 15-25 minutes long.

What Size PRP Kit Should I Use?

EmCyte Pure PRP kits come in the following sizes: 30cc, 60cc and 120cc.  These volumes refer to the whole blood draw.  What is relevant to the question, however, is the amount of PRP that is created from this volume.  The 30cc PRP kit will generate 4-6cc, 60cc will generate 8-10cc and the 120cc kit will generate 16-20cc of PRP.  Beyond that, it is entirely up to the physician’s discretion and judgement as to which kit size would be the most appropriate.

Do I Need to Use a Special/Specific Centrifuge?

Yes.  EmCyte PRP kits can be spun in either the EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge or the Platinum Series Centrifuge.  The Executive Centrifuge is an Eppendorf model centrifuge where the speed and spin time is manually entered.  The Platinum Centrifuge is an Elmi model centrifuge where the speed and spin times are automated under the selection of PRP spin 1 and PRP spin 2.  Any of the top-of-the-line dual spin PRP systems utilize proprietary centrifuges. 

Does EmCyte Have a Smaller Single Spin PRP Kit?

Yes.  EmCyte also manufactures a 20cc whole blood draw kit that spins once.  This kit is part of the Absolute Gold PRP series.  It spins 20cc of whole blood for 1-2 minutes depending on centrifuge model and will produce a lesser concentrated PRP in the 7-8cc range.

Can I Make Leukocyte-Rich and Leukocyte-Poor PRP using EmCyte?

Yes.  EmCyte PRP kits are extremely flexible and are capable of making both a leuko-rich (LR-PRP) and a leuko-poor (LP-PRP).  You can read more about it in our post on LR vs LP PRP.

How Long After the PRP is Prepared Must I Use it?

It is recommended that the PRP be used within 4 hours of preparation.  This is in keeping with the standards for blood banks and transfusion services set by the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB).

Do You Have a Video of the Pure PRP Preparation Process?

Sure, you can watch one on our EmCyte PRP product page.

In Conclusion

We hope this post has addressed some of the questions you yourself have wondered about.  If you have any other specific questions about EmCyte PRP please don’t hesitate to contact us.