Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some great questions you have on your mind!

The main differences between the two centrifuges are:

  1. Size and weight: The Executive Centrifuge is slightly more compact than the Platinum Centrifuge, but both weigh about the same.

  2. Automation: The Platinum Centrifuge is fully automated, whereas the Executive Centrifuge must be manually set with centrifugation RPM and time for each spin.

  3. Price: The Executive Centrifuge is slightly more expensive than the Platinum Centrifuge.

In summary, the main differences between the EmCyte Platinum and Executive Centrifuges are their size, automation, and price. While both models are capable of producing the same high-quality PRP, the Platinum Centrifuge offers the convenience of full automation, while the Executive Centrifuge is slightly smaller it requires more manual intervention. Customers may choose which centrifuge to use based on their specific needs and preferences.  Give us a call to discuss further.

Yes!  If you have a dual spin PRP system centrifuge and would like to switch to EmCyte PRP we will swap your current centrifuge with a Platinum at no charge.