EmCyte Centrifuges: Executive vs. Platinum

If you’ve decided to use EmCyte PRP in your practice, congratulations, now you will need to decide which one of their proprietary centrifuges you would like to use.  EmCyte offers two different models – The Executive Series Centrifuge and the Platinum Series Centrifuge.  Both centrifuge rotors are swing out type and they process all the different EmCyte products; the end results are exactly the same, that said, there are some differences between the two, which we will discuss in this blog post to help you make a more informed decision.

Centrifuge Manufacturers

The Executive and Platinum centrifuges are both lab quality centrifuges.  The Executive Centrifuge is manufactured by Eppendorf and the Platinum Centrifuge is manufactured by Elmi.  They are both customized by their respective manufacturers for end use with EmCyte Orthobiologic kits and are then branded Executive Series or Platinum Series.

Centrifuge Size

Both centrifuges have been developed for lab bench work, so they each have a relatively small footprint and will fit nicely into most clinical settings.  The specifics are as follows:

Executive – 12.5” x 15.5” x 9.5” weight: 41.5lbs

Platinum – 17” x 16” x 8.5” weight: 27.5lbs

As you can see the Executive centrifuge has a slightly smaller footprint; however, it is an inch taller, whereas the Platinum is 33% lighter.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the Platinum centrifuge has a round footprint and the Executive has a square footprint, so to make an apples-to-apples comparison it’s also good to consider their respective square footprints.  The Platinum is still slightly larger at 226 in sq against the Executive at 193 in sq – however when viewed this way they are much closer in footprint.  The weight here is the real true difference so if you plan to move the centrifuge often, the Platinum may be a better option.

Centrifuge Operation

Both centrifuges are designed to apply the appropriate amount of centrifugal force for the proper time for the correct preparation of EmCyte PRP.  However, they have different terminal abilities.  The Executive centrifuge has a maximum speed of 4,400 RPM which will produce a max of 3,000g.  On the other hand, the Platinum centrifuge has a max speed of 3,500 RPM which will produce a maximum of 2,300g – both speeds are above the necessary threshold for EmCyte’s kits to perform optimally.  The main difference between the two centrifuges is in the way in which they are operated.  The executive centrifuge is manually set.  You as the operator will need to dial in the time and RPM for whichever PRP kit you are spinning.  The Platinum centrifuge is fully automated, as the operator you will select from the menu whichever size PRP kit you are spinning and which spin (1st or 2nd) – then just press start.  This greatly reduces the opportunity for human error and simplifies the entire process.

Centrifuge Features

Both centrifuges have stainless steel inner bowls, imbalance detectors for safety, and automatic lid locking.  They also both feature soft braking and are very quiet.  One major difference between the two is that the Platinum centrifuge features a transparent lid whereas the Executive is solid metal.

In Conclusion

We are often asked which centrifuge is better.  The first point to remember is that when it comes to the preparation of EmCyte PRP kits, both centrifuges perform equally well.  Of course, there are differences between the two that we highlighted in this article.  If you’re looking for a slightly smaller footprint and aren’t concerned with moving the centrifuge often, you may want the Executive.  However, maybe you are looking for a centrifuge that has an easier operational interface, then the Platinum may be for you.  As far as the cost is concerned the pricing is similar, although the Executive is priced higher.  If you’re looking to Purchase an EmCyte centrifuge, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can answer any other questions you may have.