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The gold standard for PRP biologics.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) grows more popular with physicians every year. As a result, there has been a surge in the number of PRP products available in the marketplace. How do you choose?

The choice is clear. EmCyte has produced top quality PRP products for nearly 20 years and is among the most well-researched. Pure PRP provides physicians with the flexibility and consistency to tailor the concentration of platelets to meet their specific needs.

EmCyte Pure PRP concentrating tubes, used for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The tubes are clear and cylindrical with blood volume gradient markers and luer lock access ports for expressing and aspirating blood and it's components.

The Benefits of Pure PRP

EmCyte Pure PRP maximizes concentration, quality and ease of use

EmCyte Pure PRP Process

Pure PRP Whole Blood Draw

The process begins by drawing either 30cc 60cc or 120cc of whole blood into a syringe that you pre-fill with anti-coagulant (included in kit). Pure PRP's larger whole volume draws provide the flexibility to create tailored amounts of highly concentrated PRP.

A photo of a medical professional drawing a patient's blood for the preparation of Pure PRP. The image shows a syringe filled with blood connected to the patients arm via a butterfly needle as well as a tourniquet applied.
Whole Blood Draw for Pure PRP Preparation

Pure PRP 1st Spin

Once the whole blood draw is complete you will place it within the Pure PRP first spin tube. This tube will be centrifuged for 1.5 minutes at ~2,500g. At the conclusion of this spin the whole blood will separate into the components shown to the right. You will then draw off the top plasma layer as well as the buffy coat (Platelet-Plasma Suspension) for further concentration. The Pure PRP system allows you to tailor your final PRP product by letting you decide how far into the buffy coat you would like to descend. This allows for both leukocyte-rich and leukocyte-poor preparations.

An image of blood separated into its different components via centrifugation for use in PRP preparation
Blood Components by Density
a photo of a medical professional holding a Pure PRP tube after the first spin has density separated the different components of the blood which now clearly show a plasma layer, a buffy coat and and Red Blood Cell layer.
Buffy Coat at interface

Pure PRP 2nd Spin

For the second spin you will place the Platelet-Plasma Suspension pulled from the first spin tube into the second Pure PRP concentrating tube. This second tube will then be centrifuged for 5 minutes at ~2,500g. At the conclusion of the second spin the platelets will have all been drawn to the bottom of the Pure PRP tube leaving Platelet-Poor Plasma above as shown in the image to the right.

An image of a Pure PRP sample after the second spin. The image shows a PRP tube with platelets concentrated at the bottom, and a layer of platelet poor plasma above.
Platelets concentrated at bottom of tube.

Pure PRP Preparation

Finally, you will pull off the Platelet-Poor Plasma (PPP) from the second spin until you are left with an amount of PPP that you would like to re-suspend the concentrated platelets within. Generally speaking you would leave 3-4cc for 30cc whole blood preparation and 8-10cc for a 60cc whole blood preparation. You will then agitate the Pure PRP tube to re-suspend the platelets concentrated at the bottom into the PPP. This will create a 6-8x concentration of platelets over baseline - Pure PRP.

A photo showing a medical professional holding a syringe filled with Pure PRP platelet rich plasma ready for medical use
Pure PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma


Download Pure PRP 30cc and 60cc Instructions for use (IFUs)

Image shows a syringe filled with a platelet rich plasma (PRP) preparation in the foreground with a Pure PRP Supraphysiologic concentrating tube in the background


EmCyte Pure PRP

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EmCyte Pure PRP is the most flexible PRP system on the market.

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